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As we continue to grow, we are actively seeking individuals' passionate about careers and job openings to join us in delivering exceptional IT solutions to our clients.
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Thank you for your interest in joining the talented team at Rao IT inc! We are a dynamic and innovative company based in Richland, WA, specializing in website development, app development, digital marketing, IT projects, and IT staffing services. As we continue to grow, we are actively seeking individuals’ passionate about careers and job openings to join us in delivering exceptional IT solutions to our clients.

At Rao IT Inc., we value diversity, inclusion, and individual growth. We believe that by offering a variety of job opening options, we can attract talented professionals like you and create a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Join us and become part of our dedicated team, where your skills and expertise can make a meaningful impact on our clients’ success.

In-House Job Openings:

At Rao IT inc., we are thrilled to offer a wide range of job opening options to cater to diverse career aspirations and work preferences.

Web Developer:

We are looking for a skilled Web Developer who can design and develop visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly websites. Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and experience with popular web development frameworks is required.

Mobile App Developer:

We have an opening for a talented Mobile App Developer who can create robust and intuitive mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Experience with Swift, Kotlin, React Native, or Flutter is preferred.

Digital Marketing Specialist:

We are seeking a Digital Marketing Specialist to manage and implement effective digital marketing campaigns. The ideal candidate will have experience in SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and analytics.

IT Project Manager:

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced IT Project Manager who can effectively plan, execute, and oversee IT projects from initiation to completion. Strong organizational, leadership, and communication skills are essential.

IT Staffing Specialist:

We are looking for an IT Staffing Specialist to manage our IT recruitment processes. This role involves sourcing, screening, and placing qualified IT professionals for our clients. Prior experience in IT staffing or recruitment is required.

IT staffing Positions:

Full-Time Positions: Join us as a full-time employee and become an integral part of our team, dedicating your skills and expertise to our projects and initiatives.

Part-Time Positions:

If you’re looking for a flexible work schedule, we have part-time positions available that allow you to balance work with other commitments while still contributing to our company’s success.

Front-Office Positions:

Join our front-office team where you will engage with clients, manage inquiries, and provide exceptional customer service. This role serves as the face of our company and requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Back-Office Positions:

If you prefer working behind the scenes, our back-office positions offer opportunities in areas such as administration, finance, human resources, and operations, where you will play a crucial role in supporting our daily operations and organizational effectiveness.

Consultant Positions:

We welcome skilled consultants who can provide specialized expertise and advice to our clients. If you have in-depth knowledge in a specific area, consider joining us as a consultant to contribute to our projects and deliver valuable insights to our clients.

Freelancer Positions:

As a freelancer, you can collaborate with us on a project basis, offering your unique skills and services. This arrangement provides flexibility and the opportunity to work on various assignments while leveraging your expertise.

Career in Consulting

At Rao IT Inc., We Are Immediately Looking To Fulfill, Among Others

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Analyst
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Front-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • and Many More

Careers in IT Staffing

At Rao IT Inc., We Offer Unlimited Job Opening Options, including:

  • Full-Time Positions,
  • Part-Time Positions,
  • Front-Office Positions,
  • Back-Office Positions,
  • Consultant Positions, and
  • Freelancer Positions.

Please let us know why you believe you are “the ideal candidate” by sending us details on your desired job, updated resume, supporting documents, and expected salary structure, and support it with suitable professional references.

We can always create a position for the ideal candidates.

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