Contract-to-hire Staffing

Combine temporary staffing advantages with potential permanent employment, assessing candidates' skills and fit before commitment.
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Contract-to-hire Staffing

Rao IT Inc. is one of the most trusted staffing solution providers because before providing the best-suiting talent, the proven screening process is conducted of the employee individually to ensure you don’t encounter any issue or complaint from them and us at the steps onwards. 

We recognize the right talent, skills, and experience with the enhanced potential to become your permanent employee after the contract time ends. Finding the desired employee no longer remains that challenging when you opt for contract-to-hire staffing. 

You can experience the work and personally observe the overall proficiency of the person you will hire for a particular job role permanently. Contract time and other dealings are specified in clear words on an agreement so that no scope of issue or query remains and only work-specific efforts are taken. 

The contract-to-hire staffing approach continues to become a favourite option for many companies in your city, and it is your turn now to select the gem.

What is contract-to-hire staffing?

Contract to hire staffing comes with an opportunity for applicants to become a full-time employer/employee from a short-term position. Contract-based jobs can last for up to a few months or a year. After that, the company can invite an employer/employee for a full-time or permanent position.

What are contract-to-hire benefits?

Contract-to-hire positions come along with significant benefits to both company and the applicants. A company has the opportunity to understand an individual, his experience, and his skills personally. Hence, this staffing process leads to the best hiring. Thereby, a company can extend employees’ contracts or give them a permanent position in their company.

What are the contract-to-hire terms and conditions?

Contract to hire terms and conditions are specified by the company but under some rules and regulations. It is necessary for companies as well to build a contract that respects the fair right of workers/employees/ employers.

What is the contract-to-hire process?

As the name itself clearly describes, the Contract-to-hire process involves hiring an individual through a contract. The time mentioned in the agreement is believed as a paid trial period. If the individual satisfies managers with his work within the specific time, his/her contract-based job becomes a permanent position. But the ultimate judgment would be of the company. Once the contract is expired, the company decides whether an individual should be hired or not.

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