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Supercharge your business growth with Rao IT Inc.’s customized IT staffing solutions tailored to meet your unique temporary and permanent IT staffing needs.

Discover the Right Talent For Your IT Requirements

We are there when you observe the dynamic staffing requirement in your business. Rao IT Inc. has become a buzzword in the IT Job Market because we help clients augment their business with a team of dedicated spirits. No matter if you want to hire an expert for full-time, contract-based, or looking for a freelancer, we are your best outsourcing partners helping you hire an IT professional in no time. 

Our team is ready to work for you on both short and long-term basis, and completion and precision in the project you assigned to them will guarantee to satisfy you. So why hold on when we can bring you the best talent on the go?

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We have all kinds of IT staffing and Job Placements options as well, such as:

Flexible Duration
Mention your project duration and have our IT professionals ready to assist you.
Quality Performance
Each IT professional is interviewed, trained and certified by Rao IT inc. to get the job done with precision.
Our skilled candidates are time-bound and dedicated to their work, so satisfaction is guaranteed.
Our IT team is reliable since interviewing, screening, and referencing are done in a strict and disciplined manner.
Saving Costs
No training is needed. Just mention your requirement and get your work done on time at no extra cost.

Why temporary staffing?


Who needs IT Staffing services ?

An ideal amount of Manpower can get you desirable outcomes, but a smart and skilled team of personnel can get you unexpected results within the shortest time. And we feel proud that Rao IT Inc. is the only destination where you find the right talent for your IT needs. In the massive empire of Information Technology, Rao IT Inc. reserves a top rank for itself and now embarked on a mission to create a winning spot for you.

Our step-by-step approach completes your staffing requirements on the go, which includes:


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