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President & CEO - Rao Group: Rao Strategic Solutions Inc. | Rao IT Inc. | Rao Publishing House Inc.

Rao Group| Rao Strategic Solutions Inc. | Rao IT Inc. | Rao Publishing House Inc. are the tales of Mr. Rao’s four different companies combined with creative spirits and dedicated team members, working with a single goal to help the industry evolve.

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About Mr. Rao

With an endeavour to provide premier IT services, Mr. Purnayya Rao Mudiganti has been persistently creating innovative ways since past 20 years that yield more results and help a business dream in becoming real with the power of technology.
Following the highest ethical standards, he aims to grow and break new ground in this digital era along with his clients. With an agile mindset, goals aligned with customer’s expectations, his focus is to achieve every milestone of success that helps his clients in winning the world.
He has been running a value-driven organization where efforts are marked by a shared sense of collaboration, purpose, and partnership to achieve business dreams.
With a pool of talent and a mix of professionalism and skills in information technology, he with his team, are working ahead in the industry.

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