Digital MarketingMay 19, 2022

I have a new Website. How do I promote it?

Having a brand-new website itself sounds like a half-mile of the journey has been covered, and success is just a few steps far. But wait! Here’s much to do in the whole process. 

A well-structured website, ready to be featured on the internet, could be an achievement but not a success. Challenges are still enduring because you need to take some clever actions that derive maximum traffic to your website. 

In short, you might have ignored promoting your website, which readily consumes much of your investment. However, promotion isn’t essential for existing businesses as they may already have an audience base to derive a boost in their website’s growth. 

But since it is a new website, you should hunt for the best ways to promote it. And what are the possible actions you can take? I have tried to answer it down below. Hoping you like it. 

Solidify your SEO ground

SEO is the priority. If you own a website, it is your responsibility to check out its SEO quality. Meta description, Meta tags, title, keywords, images, content, backend, this involved a thorough assessment of every feature of your website. Even a website’s design and its speed can halt your website from becoming Search Engine Optimized. This step will boost organic searches for your website. 

Squeeze the juice from Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is still one of the most prominent ways to drag your website’s rank up on the searches. You can search for the best website accepting “guest posting.” There you can post content with a smartly added link inside that compels readers and search engines to visit your website. 

But it’s worth noting that when posting a blog on someone’s website, ensure the anchor link in the post gives you a DO-FOLLOW Link. However No-Follow link is also effective, but Do-FOLLOW could be a game-changer. 

Social Media is still the King

We can’t ignore the power of Social Media. You can derive traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and many other social media handles. It would be a cherry on the top if your social media engagement is already pervasive. Share your post across your multiple social media handles and promote it. 

Prioritize quality, over quantity 

Prioritizing quality over quantity may derive solid results. To simply put, your one article with great information covered is expected to derive more traffic as compared to hundreds of content that are only focused on adding more volume in the blog section. Your website may definitely rank for some keywords by going with this strategy, but your one quality article will be harder to beat by big players. 

Keep publishing daily 

Stay consistent, and never break the schedule of article publishing. Publish one article or blog at a specific time, and stay promotional about your website on social media sites. The more you publish, the greater the chances are that people will begin recognizing you, and there you get initial exposure to brand building. 

Engage through visuals

Never skip visual content; keep them aligned with your textual content. Put an image, infographics, and embed videos as much as possible. Modern viewers are no longer interested in watching those bulky words and paras. However, writing isn’t dead; people still read blogs because they are more informative, but visual content spice things up. So keep website design catchy and interactive too. 

So these are the six things that helped me rank my website and can even support you in skyrocketing your website’s presence. Implement these promotion tactics, and believe me, you will get results from day one.